The ongoing pandemic has brought both SMEs and large corporations to a standstill. The persistent customer demand has taught them an important lesson: your company's value is tied to your attitude -- how creative, adaptive, customer-obsessed, and more importantly, resilient, you are.

If you are concerned about the future, then find what will change for Asian brands in 2021.

Consumers Favor Ethical Businesses

COVID-19 has left a deep imprint on the average consumer's mind. This has resulted in a shift in their behaviour as a myriad of social and economic issues came to the surface due to the virus outbreak.

Based on our handling of different brands, Asian consumers were already making buying decisions based on their values. For instance, between two brands providing similar products, they were likely to choose the one that promoted green initiatives. Similarly, if a brand displayed adherence to data privacy regulations, it was bound to earn the customer's respect.

Going by the same line of thinking, consumers are now interacting with brands that have been 'ethical'. This means that if a brand extends support to the local community and businesses in 2021, they will stand out and earn trust. In this way, more people will develop an interest in the brand, which in turn will retake the conversion rate to the pre-pandemic days. According to a study, 66% of consumers are willing to spend money on ethical businesses.

If you want to join the list of ethical businesses, then send a message our way. KasIT has helped a wide range of Asian brands during the pandemic, and we can assist you with increasing customer loyalty.

B2B Websites Gain Recognition

The COVID situation has made a massive impact on the digital fate of the B2B industry; both marketers and buyers have evolved. With social distancing and lockdowns, everyone went online -- even brick-and-mortar businesses had to adapt. Although necessity precipitated this digital transformation, many businesses found that they were saving a lot of money due to a drop in traditional operating costs. Besides, the digital realm helped them to target new demographics, such as the B2B buyer that lived in another city or the one that was interested in their products but was not motivated to go out and buy.

On the other hand, many B2B buyers also turned to the online landscape to address their needs. Over time, their expectations for online experiences have started to increase. Therefore, companies must pick new technologies to satisfy this rising preference for digital channels. Latest studies show that more than one-third of B2B buyers have begun to prioritize digital engagement channels in their buying journey. Also, four out of 10 buyers are shown to be losing interest in the human/analogue arrangement.

At this critical juncture, you can prepare better for 2021 by allying with KasIT. We can help you to optimize your online consumer experience using the latest technology. This way, you can use data-driven marketing to outpace your competitors going into 2021. For instance, we can recommend which type of content can improve your product sales. This can be a landing page, an email copy, or a press release. Content marketing isn't our only forte. To find out more, contact us on how we can prepare your digital marketing campaigns for 2021. Make the most of the digital advantage before it gets too late.

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