Chatbots are great in increasing your online store revenue. Earlier, complex eCommerce chatbot integrations were hard to develop and required tons of manual work. Luckily, this is the past. You can now connect your Shopify chatbot in just a couple of mouse clicks and create advanced communication that will help sell your goods and better assist your customers in the entire GCC region.

KASIT with help from Refresh Ideas has made a demo video of how to easily & quickly you may integrate a chatbot on your Shopify store.

Following are the steps:

Step 1 >> Log in to Shopify store admin panel

Step 2 >> Click on Messenger under the Sales Channels

Step 3 >> Connect the Facebook Account

Step 4 >> Choose your Facebook page which you want to connect for a chat.

After the connection, click on the customization link under the messenger and choose the chat icon and enable it. That's it; you can now receive direct messages from customers on your website directly through the Facebook messenger using Activebox plugin on Shopify store.


We are at a golden age of technology. Chatbots are now advanced in the last couple of years to provide stable communication solutions humans like to use. Coupling them with incredible platforms like Shopify is an excellent way to boost revenue.

Shopify Chatbot

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