During times of economic crisis, businesses dump old ideas and adopt new ones. And right now, time is of the essence – success may hinge on who starts their digital marketing journey first.

Golden Tips Tea is one such client that made an incredible switch from being an exclusively brick-and-mortar business solution to a fast-paced and more agile digital solution.

Golden Tips

They are a leading provider of rare tea blends and mostly secured sales during a busy season. It had to change. Golden Tips Tea came to us because their website had an array of issues that prevented them from maximizing returns on marketing investments. Their website was visually outdated; the products were inadequately listed as per SEO, the pictures were odd sizes, descriptions were incomplete – it was all over the place.

What they needed was a comprehensive solution to grow organically over the long-term, and not just through online advertisements. There was much opportunity for growth here. And the team at Refresh Ideas knew just what needed doing to patch up the bullet holes in their online strategy.

We worked closely with the internal team at Golden Tips Tea to identify several conversion points that would create a relationship with the customer, even if the user wasn’t yet in a position to make a buying decision.

The Results?

Our full-stack digital marketing solution boosted sales by a whopping 113% within the first 12 months of implementing Refresh ideas proven digital marketing strategies.

The returning customer rates touched a new peak of 74% increment. That’s a tall order going from a shortage of repeat orders to building a strong base of repeat customers and continuously flowing organic traffic to their online store.

The online order conversions increased by 9%. When we combine the overall traffic increase along with increment in eCommerce conversions on the website, it translates to money and more money!

Below are sales results and the average online session for the first 12 months.

Golden Tips
Golden Tips


Refresh Ideas started by training the client’s team, creating data points, and placing more emphasis on following a process rather than giving into a patchwork of ideas flowing in from each direction every single day. The key to being successful in any business is to be consistent with your ideas and keeping consumer interest at the centre.

Strategy and Execution

Through our brand management process, we were able to find key values of the Golden Tips Tea brand and designed a custom template that demonstrated their qualities and leading position within the market. These insights captured during detailed discovery sessions, helped us bring in an order the whole team on the same page and communicate the value proposition to the end-users through various touchpoints.

The site was built and managed on Shopify storefront. It was a no-brainer when you think about it. Shopify allows for rapid expansion and easily allows the Golden Tips Tea to make necessary content updates without learning code. The website is mobile-ready, ensuring it would seamlessly function on any device – including a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop computer.

Golden Tips

We also went the extra step to perform relevant keyword research to identify competitiveness, opportunity, and search volume, and then optimized the website to rank higher in search.


Before implementing the new changes, Golden Tips Tea seemed to rely exclusively on seasonal hikes in sales rather than having a continuous stream of orders. This isn’t an optimal way to do business – you want to constantly engage with your client base throughout the year instead of only a few months in the year.

Golden Tips

After implanting the changes recommended by Refresh Ideas, the Golden Tips Tea site saw their average sales value go up by 22%, and the total number of orders increased by 74%. Total online sessions also went up, and more carts are converted to orders.

These results are only possible with the premium tea vendor’s cooperation and dedication during the project.

Golden Tips

Golden Tips Tea is now able to speak & engage with their target audience, while also demonstrating what makes them different and better than their competitors.

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