One of our esteemed clients asked us “Do you think our website needs a revamp?”. This got us thinking and we decided to share the answer with all of our readers. A website mainly requires a revamp based on 3 main indicators, everything else mostly falls somewhere between these 3 focus areas-

First and foremost – Evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Ecommerce Selling. We need to first define our Key Performance Indicators and then evaluate if our business / website is lacking in any of these parameters. And if it is lacking then it calls for a revamp. Not only revamp but also re-thinking the KPIs is the core of the whole restructuring process.

Second - If the site function & flow can be improved, and any such improvement will make KPIs perform better

Many times it seems like a site is generating its most important KPI – example generating leads. But it is also observed that if we can enhance the website function & flow then there is a potential to multiply the KPIs in terms of quantity or quality or both. Another example is if the KPI is ‘ Information about the product’ and it is evaluated that changing the site structure will improve information and content flow which will lead to many more people being able to understand it and consume it more eagerly.

Third is last but not the least – When Design & Branding Changes

A consumer product company has to be always fashionable as per the current user trends. If today’s generation is absorbing the content which is presented more like a story and not like a BUY ME - BUY NOW slogans, then we have to repackage in the same direction. There was a time when availability of information was the challenge but not any longer. We now as a user are rather flooded with the information, so the new challenge is making a right choice among never ending options. Irony of time is that it’s become much more difficult to choose a dress, mobile, car, inverter, battery, school, job or anything for that matter than it was in the past (Because of options & choices available). Another part of site revamp is required when Brand goes on a makeover, where again it is important that all communications especially website is revamped as per new branding exercise.

If your business is going through a change, and wanted to gear for the present & next generation of solutions then present to the new & expanded demographics, attract a whole lot of more Millennial Consumers – You might need to revamp your Website Design keeping the above three in mind.

You need to target your customers, come up with a Website Design that is in line with current expectations, help them reach their decisions by building the TRUST FIRST, be available on all their devices – mobile to desktop.

Design = Images + Overall Presentation Architecture + Great Emotional Content Do NOT engage in BUY ME BUY NOW, but rather be available to service your customer so she as a user can make a Correct Choice, and feel confident about it. And a website plays a very effective role in this decision. Thank you!

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