Hassan is an eCommerce manager working with a leading brand selling Perfumes & toiletries in Dubai; his role is to keep running the operations on different channels like their store website, Souq, Noon, Sharafdq, Ubuy, Letstango, Awork and other market place portals.

One of the vital problems Hassan faces is to collect all the sales data from across the channels to look at one unified sum at the end of the month or quarter with the company bosses.

While working with many such clients; we realized this is a concern shared by many eCommerce vendors in their operations. Such data is necessary to evaluate the company's efforts, how they are performing as detailed datasets from different platforms is overwhelming and does not give precise business progress numbers at the end of the month.

KASIT with help from Refresh Ideas have come up with a simple tool, that helped capture just the monthly numbers in a simple easy to use excel format, and you have the most crucial analytics - the sales analytics at your fingertips.

If you, too, have been searching for a free simple & easy to use sales tracking tool, we might be able to help. You can use the template we created using google sheet.

Using the tracking sheet, you can now track the sales numbers of your store from multiple channels and compare month by month or quarterly. This sales tracking tool is available for eCommerce website owners in the UAE.

How to use the sheet

Click on the free eCommerce sales tracking sheet, open in a new window. Then go to the File menu and click on create a copy.

Once the copy is created, you can edit the names of the channel on the left column and then start inserting monthly sales figures for the last months. The objective is to share with you a preformatted tool that you can pick and start using.

Tips: Enter the monthly data for last year and current year to enable the team to quickly see and compare current month progress with the same month the previous year.

Benefits of using the template:

  • The file is available free of cost for users in the Middle East
  • Huge Time Saver
  • Good Analytics
  • Google file that you will quickly share with top management
  • Easy to access anywhere

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