Awarded by Frost and Sullivan for Emerging Integrated-Telehealth Solution Provider of the Year - 2019

The coronavirus pandemic is still in the race, and cost of operations for providing healthcare is rising exponentially. It means that to stay connected, relevant, and healthcare business continuity, you need to adapt to a digital way of connecting with patients.

Our award-winning low-cost telemedicine solutions can help you transform your healthcare business by adopting technology that meets your specific needs.

Moving your practice online doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive if you find the right partner.

gloheal Vertual Clinic


  • 2,00,000+ patient consulted with doctors in the past 3 years across INDIA
  • 350+ doctors onboarded
  • 200+ KIOSKs
  • HIPAA, SNOMED CT Compliance
  • 10+ medical devices integrated
  • 3 Million Radiology Scans & Reports Archived in Gloheal Radiology Imaging & Archiving Solution

Easy To Implement Solutions

You may avail of eHealth solutions that meet the growing demands of patient expectations.

Virtual Clinic (e-OPD)

Virtual Clinic (e-OPD) – It has a remote monitoring setup such as a health cart, KIOSK, telemetric devices integrated with the telemedicine application and has the power to publish real-time status of the patient vitals to you with an End to End monitoring and a defined SLA.

Personal Consultation/SaaS Model

Personal Consultation/SaaS Model – the power of Personal Consult is – connect anywhere and everywhere

Radiological MIS system

Radiological MIS system – has the ability to show scans such as CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Angiography, ECG and reports across locations

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