KASIT brings you all tools & information to support and grow your business in the Middle East. We enable you with powerful insights on your digital footprint, areas to improve, the market reaches using digital marketing for business all over UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. Use our unique & powerful tools to access the situation and take corrective measures freely.

SEO Audit Free Tool is an easy way to check how your website stands in the eyes of leading search engines like Google and Bing. KASIT provide you with an overall quality score to your site with information on what are the main errors and warnings which you need to resolve to rank higher in the ranking battle with your competitors.

We encourage you to schedule a call with us after you receive your free SEO audit report. Our online expert will help you understand your SEO audit reports and help you get better and higher rankings.

KASIT is based in UAE with offices in Sharjah, Saudi Arabia & India and servicing clients all over the Middle East & GCC region with digital marketing & eCommerce, cybersecurity and managed IT services.