Content Marketing

Performance-oriented content marketing and storytelling

For brands and organisations, the difference between getting noticed and being filtered out lies in providing the right content for the right audience. Combining our divergent digital skills, we map your content marketing strategy and take it to the next level. We conceptualize, design, plan and optimize your content marketing campaigns. Our creatives and editors have in-depth journalistic knowledge and are not only well versed in SEO - so we can provide a wide range of content for an additional reach, even for existing content which leads to a higher brand awareness, win more new customers and ultimately increase your sales.

Content Production
Content is King : We create text, image and Video (with partners) content in all shapes and colors: storytelling and news, advertorials, content and elements for newsletters, of course social media postings as well as blogger briefings and entire blogs or just good landing pages.
Content Marketing and Storytelling
Starting with research through a sustainable or short-term concept to production and marketing (content seeding) for more brand awareness, we reach more customers, more relevant reach and finally more sales for our customers / brands and manufacturers.
Inbound Marketing / Lead generation
With inbound marketing you relieve your classic cold acquisition sales: Through a Search Engine Optimised and strategically oriented content creation - your visibility in relevant channels and target groups is increased. More users visit your content-rich pages and find interesting information / white papers / cases / tips and possibly videos as well as an attractive download against the submission of e.g. email or name (email before download). The result is a pre-qualified lead that is scalable and almost convertible into prospective customer.

Empower your business growth with KASIT proven processes designed to succeed.





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