Digital Analytics

Implementation and use of digital analytics

A concise understanding of the digital behaviour of your customers starts with digital analytics. Finding out how people arrive at your website and how they use the website is a part of the analytics. In this time of greater market volatility, more data insights are required for more informed decisions. Today, data-driven decisions are the basis for successful online campaigns and performance marketing. The insights from the analytics are used to optimise as well as personalise the marketing campaigns. But we take it a step further. With in-house predictive modeling techniques, we can identify the people who are most likely to be a good fit for our business and subsequently target them. This also means that they are also most likely to convert. We can help you to target these people by designing personalised landing page based on this data.

Data Analysis
We evaluate the data obtained, interpret it and use it to develop individual concepts for optimizing landing pages, campaigns, SEO, content and much more. We have the ability and functionality to use scientifically “Track & Use” optimization technology to filter massive internet users to find your target audience. We have tools which contain self-learning algorithms to analyze relevant key indicators across your channels. Previously unmanageable quantity of data is then evaluated fully automatically in Real Time to get objective Data driven information about – WHEN, HOW & WHICH Channel to use for better marketing reach.
E-commerce Tracking
With the help of our partners, we ensure the most accurate possible data collection and visual representation of the data obtained in e-commerce, including the connection of data from CRM and ERP systems, for example tracking of returned goods or damages etc.. This way, detailed e-commerce report can be created and nothing stands in the way of optimizing your shop or catalog!
Day Management
Together with you we develop a concept to control the tracking. The digital analysis must be carefully planned - we ensure individual tracking of your users, tailored to your needs, through a good tag management concept. We also carry out so-called code audits.
Target Configuration
We work with you on your most important goals such as calling, ordering, calling up certain landing pages, downloads, completed forms and much more. and implement these goals, which should be recorded using your web analytics tool.
Our tracking experts take care of the implementation of your web analysis tools together with your development. In doing so, we also work with various Tag Manager Systems as required - in order to ensure the most cost-efficient tracking possible.
Dashboards / Reporting
We develop / configure Dashboards specifically for you equipped with your special KPIs and trend curves. We also work with you to determine which regular reports you require in your company and how often.

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