Performance Marketing

Integrated digital marketing for more performance

Picking up customers across various touchpoints, connecting them with brands, services, solutions and products is our core business for us as a Digital performance marketing company. We analyze, plan and optimize your channels according to their importance and performance in the existing and new customer framework.

We are Always thinking outside the box - integrating Digital Marketing with more Performance.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) : Google, Amazon, ...
Search Engine Advertising or Pay Per Click Advertising as a discipline in the search engine marketing mix with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Bing Ads , etc. are central components of most performance-oriented campaigns. SEA, as part of the Digital marketing strategy , gives you the opportunity to address your target group directly and in a needs-based manner - exactly a you would be looking for you! We improve the results from paid search campaigns by focusing on smart keyword buying, ad optimizations, bid management and ROI measurements. We apply automation and machine learning techniques to outsmart manual optimizations. We run campaigns on Google, Bing, Amazon and Youtube. We partner with Google Marketing Platform, including Search Ads 360, and develop our own adtech solutions.
Search Engine Optimisation - SEO (OnLine / OffLine)
In the performance marketing mix, search engine optimization (SEO for short) is a must required. With OnPage analyzes, technical optimizations, content optimization with word environment analyzes supplemented by content marketing with high quality link building, we also master this discipline in such a way that SEO internationalization is not a problem for us. SEO not only plays a role in Google, Bing or Yandex, but Yes, the topic has also arrived in the Amazon portfolio.
Conversion Optimization
Through targeted measures and optimized landing pages through Google Optimize, we ensure that not only the right target group is addressed in quantitative and qualitative terms, but we also have a positive influence on your OnPage conversion rate. Form optimization, order process optimization and telephone tracking in the lead process are additional means to our goal.

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