There has been a significant shift in the B2B hardware sellers industry. Gone are the days where exhibitions and trade shows ruled the roost. Rapid digital transformation has taken everyone to the online realm.

As a result, the industry is leaning towards digital marketing campaigns. Traditional marketing is on a decline, and there is a strong need to adapt to the new buyer. Moreover, the target audience of B2B computer sellers is more tech-savvy, which means that they have a higher online presence.

However, online marketing is not a piece of cake. B2B hardware sellers found this out the hard way and struggled with the following pain points.

Pricing Dilemma

Fluctuations in pricing are a common phenomenon in the computer hardware industry. The release of a new product, the increased demand for a specific model, or a product's modest sales are some factors that can cause prices to change. Nothing upsets a customer more than a seller advertising hardware at a higher price. Besides, the cost of losing a B2B client is significantly higher than a B2C client, so you have tread carefully.

Pricing Dilemma

Wrong Metrics

Many B2B computer sellers don't use monitor online reach with tools, such as SEMRush, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Even when they do, they often end up targeting the wrong metrics due to adherence to cookie-cutter solutions. Just because something worked for a clothing seller doesn't mean that the same would work for a computer hardware seller.

Wrong Metrics

Lack of Focus

Digital marketing is extensive. There are so many tools and strategies that one can easily get overwhelmed. Some B2B sellers try to implement multiple half-baked ideas flowing in from every direction. What's worse is that they are impatient and discard campaigns every other week.

Lack of Focus

How Did Refresh Ideas Increase the Online Reach for a B2B Computer Hardware Seller?

Corkpkart is India's first online platform that caters IT products, services to corporate and institutional customers in India. Corpkart had an amazing offer - they minimized IT procurement costs for their B2B clients with a more efficient and transparent process.


Even though they had a terrific value proposition, Corpkart struggled with organic reach and was in need of a comprehensive solution that could boost their organic results over the long term and establish a powerful foundation that can continuously attract B2B clients to their site.

Fortunately, Corpkart reached out to us, a company that provides solutions to every business-related grievances and promises a great deal of growth opportunity.

So, what did we do differently?

First, we coordinated with the client and recommended monitoring and adjusting the product pricing weekly. This way, customers are less likely to feel alienated.

product price monitoring

Next, we developed data points .i.e. metrics to monitor and track. Instead of monitoring the standard metrics, we chose only the relevant ones for a B2B computer seller. These included impressions, reach, engagement, cost per acquisition (CPA), shopping cart abandonment rate, and checkout abandonment.

monitoring the standard metrics

Most importantly, we established a structured way of doing things. Instead of jumping from one strategy to another, it was made sure that adequate time was set for each campaign. We also created a process to connect with consumers and engage with them online at regular intervals.

Lastly, we optimized each product segment separately to generate maximum traffic.

We worked by following these steps:

  • We conducted client interviews to gain a thorough understanding of the client's business model.
  • Next, we collected information pertaining to the market by researching and testing marketing strategies.
  • Moving forward, we communicated the strategies to clients team and then implemented them. All of this led to a positive outcome.


Since Refresh Ideas took control of Corpkart's digital assets, the latter was able to enjoy an impressive online growth, which can clearly be seen in the following outcomes:

  • Organic search increased by 215%.
  • Users increased by over 155%.
  • The number of sessions increased by 125%.
  • Direct traffic rose by 33%

Reach out to us if you are also looking for organic growth!

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