COVID-19 forced many businesses to undergo a significant overhaul. Brick-and-mortar stores were its biggest victims. If you are also one, it’s time to change with the evolving times and go online. But, how to do it? Follow these steps to convert your offline business to e-commerce.

1. Recognize the Benefits of Converting Your Business

You should have a clear idea of the benefits your business entails, so you can make the right decisions. Here is what you get:

  • You can promote your products to your target audience more easily and show how they address your customer’s pain points.
  • You can save the money that is spent on operational and administrative costs.
  • You can use online channels to target the global market and get customers from around the world.

Get Emails of Your Offline Customers

2. Get Emails of Your Offline Customers

Before moving online, engage your existing customers. Your reception should offer an email sign-up sheet at your physical location and convince customers to sign it by providing discounts. You can also ask your loyal customers about what they would like to see on your online store.

You can now use this data for targeted marketing, i.e., group your customers into multiple segments and create personalized ads for them.

On a similar note, you can ask your loyal customers to leave testimonials on your website, so potential clients are tempted to buy from you.

Pick An E-Commerce Platform

3. Pick An E-Commerce Platform

After making the choice to move online, you should go for a SaaS-based e-commerce platform. It is ideal for people who don’t have any experience with setting up a website store and is designed to be user-friendly. A SaaS platform is a web-based software that you operate via the Internet on a subscription model. This way, you can set your store without knowing any web hosting and coding knowledge.

4. Purchase a Domain

A domain name refers to your website’s address. People use it to locate your e-commerce website. It has to be unique, short, and memorable, allowing customers to find your store with considerable ease.

Build a Website

5. Build a Website That Converts

Consumers want ease of use while shopping online. It includes how you map out your site, how easy it is to find and search products, and what functionalities your site provides. The whole experience must be smooth for maximum appeal. Keep this in mind:

  • Your site should be consistent with your current branding.
  • Use in-focus and high-quality photos showing your product from various angles.
  • Use explainer videos when possible.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly, so customers can easily use it on smaller screens.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the steps required to set your online store, look into hiring an experienced and reliable team. For that, you can reach out to Refresh Ideas. Visit this link to set up an e-commerce website that attracts plenty of customers and tempts them to buy your products.

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