Robust data points underpin modern digital marketing strategy for FMCG brands. It can revolutionize the reach of your business and take your user engagement to the next level. Deciphering a consumer’s journey allows you to choose the right touchpoints, leading to a higher conversion rate. Here are some digital marketing ideas for FMCG brands:

Get In Touch with Social Media Influencers.

Influencer marketing is one of the most intuitive ways to promote your products. Influencers allow you to tap a large pool of followers at once, improving your consumer awareness quickly.

Produce Instagram Stories

Produce Instagram Stories.

They are considered by many as fresh and unconventional for digital marketing campaigns. These stories run for 24 hours, creating excitement and buzz for users to view them before they expire. FMCG brands can use them to share product features, display product images, and announce new arrivals.

Optimize Website for SEO.

This would help the brand gain prominence for Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). Strategic creation and placement of content are necessary to build credibility in the space. Keyword-optimized content aids in answering consumer queries and goes a long way in building your brand’s credibility. Using relatable and valuable content is crucial as well – it engages customers and ensures that they take the desired action after SEO brings them to the site.

Optimize Website for SEO

Golden Tea Tips

How We Helped Our Client—Golden Tea Tips

Golden Tea Tips is a leading provider of high-quality tea blends. In spite of their complete mastery over their craft, they were unable to get the intended ROI on the marketing campaign. We found out that part of the reason was their website; it was outdated, especially when compared to their competitors. The SEO was all over the place, the images were of the incorrect sizes, and the descriptions were incomplete.

We addressed all these issues with a state-of-the-art website. More importantly, we identified numerous conversion points to build a strong relationship with customers. As a result, the tea brand increased sales by 113% in less than three months. Additionally, the returning customer rates touched a new peak, with a 74% increment. Similarly, online order conversions grew by 9%.

sales by 113%

Our key priority was to develop a proper process during this entire project rather than opting for different ideas at once. This consistency was key to the success of our campaigns.

How Can We Help Other FMCG Businesses?

Similar to Golden Tea Tips, we can help other FMCG brands too. Our process is simple & very effective: we identify fundamental brand values and complement them by designing a custom template to demonstrate their qualities. Our in-depth discovery sessions play a crucial role in bringing the entire company’s workforce on the same page. Next, we communicate the value proposition to the end-users via different touchpoints.

If you manage an FMCG brand, get in touch with us for help with creating an effective digital marketing strategy. Like Golden Tea Tips, we can change your fortunes too.

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